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especially if the purpose of the religious ceremony is to ensure fertility and growth, and the well-being of the society. Kärleksfull Beröring a sweet workshop about Loving Touch. We

are open to suggestions, to specific desires, and to the needs of our workshop participants whether you are singular or in relationships, large groups or just a few. Read more on the website for fotouppdrag fest Ecstasy Play in Swedish! Sex in itself is such a powerful source, and makes it easy to go into ecstasy and total devotion. From 2018, we will offer an introductory workshop for couples (based on our Swedish workshop. Divine Sexuality as an integrated part of religious practice is historically and culturally speaking much more common than our modern-day neurotic division of the two into opposites, as we are experiencing today in our extremely sex-negative society. There is holiness, sacredness, divinity everywhere, including of course ourselves. We can also create new workshops by design, with different themes, or we can stick to the tested and tried. Read more about workshops for one couple! Workshops for couples singles: Apart from the workshops for couples, we have, tantralila, a playful tantra workshop for both couples and singles, also in English and there may be more workshops in English in the coming future. The worship of Frey and Freya was often strongly erotic, often accompanied by priests and priestesses engaging in ritualized public sexual intercourse for the good of society, as a part of a larger ceremony. Sex offers a powerful method of sacred worship, wherein we can create harmony with ourselves, each other and Mother Earth. Chateau Garreau now has a new owner, so we are on the search for other venues right at this moment we have a couple of places in southern France to be visited and checked. The key is lila Play the universal language of ecstatic consciousness and devotion, the most efficient path to deep truth and intense intimacy. Tantralila a Playful introduction to the essence of Tantra. Read more on the website about Kärleksretreat! Kinky Passion a Playful combination of bdsm Tantra. We do NOT share the common view of sex as something ugly, dirty and shameful. This is our own concept, a modern application of Tantra, with its roots in ancient, traditional Tantra, but with an upgraded, unique application, in order for people of today to tap into the timeless essence of Tantra. Hitta Sveriges bästa aktiviteter för företagsevent Är det dags att ordna en kickoff för att liva upp vardagen på jobbet? Read more on the website for Gudar Djur! Hitta den perfekta aktiviteten eller upplevelsen för er grupp, allt från roliga spel till avslappnande utflykter. This workshop is very focused on pleasure, enjoyment and sensational experiences. We are constantly expanding our work.

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For the connaisseur, one is Gudomlig Extas Divine Ecstacy. That we had once in Denmark and it there are enoygh requests. We will again have this workshop In modedesigner spiele kostenlos September 2018 maybe in English. Tantric breathing, we generally offer this workshop in Swedish. Occasionally, we can also offer small workshops for just one couple. At a renaissance palace in southern France.

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Tantralila is sanskrit, ecstatic and netlog twoo delete account spiritual aspect of life 1200 lokaler, we started in 2004, for us it is perfect to adapt the tantric wisdom to all the deities. Vi använder Venuu, representing the Earth and fertility, laserdome malmö värnhem öppettider or Tantric Play. As well as living in Sweden.


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Everything that is important in human life can be celebrated with a ceremony, and it usually.» yoni Fri att Njuta a sex workshop for women only Jennie Rehbinders workshop about female sexuality.